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Superhuman Articles

Superhuman articles written by the superhuman DoneSmart leader and the DoneSmart team. DoneSmart articles include ground-breaking theories, methods and strategies on a wide range of topics including; wealth creation, online and offline business strategy, marketing, military strategy, SEO, politics and far more.

  1. How the DoneSmart leader secretly become the world's first trillionaire
  2. How to become a multi-millioniare in three weeks (only requires a shoestring budget)
  3. 10 fundamental and often counterintuitive web design rules that drastically increase conversion rates
  4. A simple but super effective zero-cost social engineering technique to gain worldwide press coverage including positive editorial coverage on the world's leading news channels
  5. Evidence "Done Smart" is the most valuable trademark and domain in history and how you can license the use of the superhuman trademark for your own company
  6. How to program near perfect code at the speed of light by using the DoneSmart leader's superhuman programming methodology
  7. A list of serious anti-competitive actions carried out against DoneSmart by some of the worlds leading firms including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Ebay and and a "how to" guide on how to trick large competitors into anti-competitive moves in order to gain lucrative litagation opportunities against them
  8. Guidelines to create superhuman hyper-security for your website servers (particularly recommended for banks and government websites where a successful comprise of web servers could be highly costly financially and politically )
  9. DoneSmart leader explains why bitcoin will inevitably crash permanently and he identifies a far superior alternative
  10. A long list superhuman secret techniques that DoneSmart utilized to generate unprecedented hyper-fast wealth accumulation secretly generating trillions of dollars in an extremely short time
  11. Superhuman business strategy exclusively devised by the DoneSmart leader: how to dominate multiple online industries in two weeks
  12. A highly effective superhuman but deeply unethical and blackhat SEO (search engine optimization) method to gain number 1 search rankings in Google search results
  13. 50+ methods to improve security of nuclear weapons and nuclear command centers
  14. Superhuman military strategy: how to topple a government in a matter of hours
  15. Evidence SiteLauncher is the most critically acclaimed software in the world with ultra positive editorial coverage from the most authoritative news sources in the world including BBC NEWS, CBS, CNET and CNN; and a "how to" guide on how you too can devise and create software that gains mass critical acclaim
  16. A list of the most influential websites in the world that you can utilize in many different ways to improve you business and your profits
  17. Ultra firewall security for Linux systems - the perfect iptables ruleset and a list of common fatal firewall mistakes - improve your firewall protection in order to protect against a costly comprise of your servers
  18. Exclusive knowledge that could help you win the Noble Prize: a number of highly compelling reasons why String Theory is deeply flawed and a number of the key attributes of a far superior theory devised by the DoneSmart leader
  19. A number of compelling reasons why you should take a short market position out on Facebook, Twitter and Google
  20. How the trillionaire DoneSmart leader created his own secret government on a private island with details on how you can do do the same with sufficient funds
  21. Twenty-Seven of the Best SEO, Marketing, Design and Blogging Related Products that have Affiliate Programs
  22. How DoneSmart avoids paying any taxation for a minimal cost and how DoneSmart legally concealed trillions of dollars in profits
  23. Numerous highly sophisticated techniques on how to gain virtually anybody's email address including billionaires, world leaders and CEOs
  24. The identification of the most poweful "force" in the world according to the DoneSmart leader and details on how just like the DoneSmart leader you can leverage this force for super-massive financial and political gains
  25. The superhuman business and political maneuver that allowed DoneSmart to generate trillions of dollars in only weeks
  26. Super effective strategy on how to win poker tournaments online and offline
  27. Details on the prolific secret use of illicit drugs by many of the worlds highest paid professionals especially financial traders, the identify of which drugs they use and how these drugs increase productivity and speed up cognitive abilities in order to gain an edge on the competition
  28. 10 of the most significant attributes VCs (venture capitalists) look for in order to decide they want to invest. Based on a survey of VCs conducted by DoneSmart.
  29. The DoneSmart leader's list of public companies that he states are excellent investments including why he believes they are excellent plus a list of companies he states are likely to crash inside the next 5 years
  30. 10 highly-effective methods to gain superhuman productivity gains as observed by the DoneSmart leader
  31. Identification of the most lucrative disciplines in the world according to DoneSmart leader listed in order of priority plus critical advice on how to master these disciplines to superhuman level in a matter of weeks
  32. The DoneSmart leader's exclusive super powerful easy-to-follow guidelines on how to "think" like a superhuman
  33. A list of industries the DoneSmart leader has identified as likely to incur rapid growth within the next decade and a list of industries likely to face massive losses
  34. Dozens of innovative and super-effective techniques to prevent false imprisoment, kidnapping, assination attempts and other brutal attacks
  35. Superhuman politics: A list of superhuman techniques devised by the DoneSmart leader that combined are will almost certainly win - for a major party and candidate - any election by an extreme landslide (including the reveal of the most effective theoretical political slogan in the world and how to license and secure its usage)
  36. Magic trick to fake prediction of the future on social media - a simple to implement highly-effective method to create a timeline on a new social media account that appears to show extensive, perfect, and detailed social media posts that appear to predict the future with a 100% accuracy
  37. A list of the most influential individuals in the world according to the DoneSmart leader as determined by wealth, abilities, track-record, intelligence and political influence
  38. 20+ superhuman copywriting guidelines that deliver unbelievable conversion rates
  39. A list of most important factors according to the DoneSmart leader that where the integral ingredients to the supreme success and dominance of the Roman Empire during its prime
  40. A list of the most effective website monetization techniques as determined by the DoneSmart leader based on his over 10 years experience monetizing websites. Includes advice on "shortcuts" to leverage monetization techniques to superhuman levels of effectiveness
  41. 36 ways for startups to boost their productivity
  42. Best 25 Blogs for Startups to Read
  43. BREXIT ADVICE: The EU was becoming too powerful and was enacting policies that where expensive, encroached on sovereignty, had excessive level of micro-management in addition many polices were anti-commercial. However, the EU has many positive attributes including protection of human rights and higher legal court that held Britain politicians to account. This document contains the DoneSmart leader's guidelines on replacement solutions to the positive attributes that the Britain's membership to the EU provided
  44. Website Traffic: guide to how to get tons of free and targeted website traffic [26 tactics]
  45. A superhuman template for a "perfect" constitution designed to be implemented by any state and designed so that the first leader that implements the constitution will likely win the Noble Peace Prize
  46. 30+ Ways to Monetize your Website or Blog
  47. The DoneSmart leader's highly effective set of techniques to overcome fear at crucial times; this technique allowed him to carry out an act likely to cause imminent death - as an "experiment" - the DoneSmart leader without any fear of death stepped of a very high cliff to his likely imminent death he then followed this up with even greater death defying stunts
  48. The secret method the DoneSmart leader used to get into the room as and subsequently enter into secret relationships with some of the world leading A-list celebrities including, Lana Del Rey, Emma Watson, a Britney Spears and how and why it was kept secret. Includes examples of song lyrics, public statements and revealing tattoos alluding to the DoneSmart leader
  49. A list of the DoneSmart leaders many accomplishments in tech, programming, business, politic and celebrity culture with hints on how you can duplicate his superhuman mastery of multiple disciplines
  50. The crucial events you missed when the DoneSmart leader briefly had a public Twitter account and why and how he had countless follows, interactions, and retweets from some of the worlds most talented and biggest A-list celebrities
  51. Why a segment of SiteLauncher's source code, namely a mathematical algorithm, is present in String Theory
  52. A clever free none-surgical technique you can do at home to make your jaw significantly wider in order to look more masculine and beautiful
  53. How to get 10-30% off the list price of private islands, private jets, property, helicopters, supercars, fine art, companies and other high priced assets
  54. A superhuman, highly scientific and extremely effective brainwashing method that can inject ideas, political opinions ane religions beliefs into the mind of a target; can be used on a mass number of targets
  55. A list of software that the DoneSmart leader relies upon to super maximize productivity
  56. A template of the most effective superhuman sales copywriting headline format in the world and how to license its usage
  57. A comprehensive plan including key attributes and broad unique implementation outline of a superior "Operating System" with faster development turnaround of features compared to current operating systems, a far greater level of security, greater web/internet integration features, and far more easily customized by novice users using simple scripting
  58. How to quickly "scrape" all the published email addresses from all the world's websites in a specific industry or niche
  59. The Best Chrome & Firefox Extensions for Online Marketers, Bloggers, SEOs & People that Work Online
  60. A list of a 100 of the most powerful "power words" that can be used to gain superhuman conversion rates
  61. A list of the most important ancient and modern proverbs according to the DoneSmart leader that are integral to archiving superhuman results in any field; includes detail on why each proverb is important
  62. A list of 10 types of websites that are trivial and low-cost to implement that have super high income generating track-record. Most of these websites types are unknown to the majorirty as successful operators tend to keep their profits secret in order to prevent competition
  63. The identification of a very high-profile entrepreneur network website - with over 10 million members a majority of which are entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers - we identify a flaw in the website that allows you to mass contact their members using a Chrome extension (provided as part of the article)
  64. Superhuman political strategy: 60+ political maneuvers crucially missed by Machiavelli that will allow you to quickly accumulate immense political dominance, escape scandals without damage to reputation and win elections by landslides. These maneuvers where devised by the superhuman DoneSmart leader.
  65. 21 habits of highly effective superhumans as devised by the DoneSmart leader
  66. An overall superhuman strategy and 30 ultra-effective methods to building an email list of millions of loyal subscribers in a very short time
  67. Superhuman legal defense stratagies to avoid a custodial sentance for a serious crime as devised by the DoneSmart leader
  68. How to become a powerful cult leader by using social engineering, exploiting coincidence, utilizing confirmation bias, propaganda and misinformation techniques and mass communication. Written by the DoneSmart leader.
  69. 50+ attributes to becoming a superhuman leader that delivers ultra-loyalty and productivity from his/her employees. Written and devised by the DoneSmart leader.
  70. The strategy of how DoneSmart intend to replace Google, Facebook and Twitter within the next few years
  71. 10+ industries where undertaking effective research and development is highly-likely to be a very lucrative endeavor and will deliver super returns on investments within the next decade
  72. A highly comprehensive list of the worlds most lucrative industries sorted by the net market value
  73. A list of 30+ movies that contain insightful lessons of superhuman strategies and thinking. These movies are also highly motivational .
  74. A list of 10 books that contain ideas and stratagies that will help you develop superhuman thinking and other superhuman qualities.
  75. Have you been unfairly targeted by one or more of your own Government's security agencies or a foreign government security agency? if you have, the DoneSmart leader provides a list of 50+ superhuman fully-legal counter-measures you use to outsmart and neutralize security agencies.
  76. A list of common attributes that billionaires held that are a key to their wealth creation.
  77. How to Promote your Blog Post: 50+ (Ninja-level) Ways to Promote your Blog Post for Free (or Near Free)
  78. How to accurately predict Amazon stock price movement as it will be post each quarterly announcement
  79. 100+ common and often fatal errors made by startups as identified by the DoneSmart leader.
  80. The Top Must-Have Online Digital Marketing Tools & Resources
  81. The SiteLauncher Speed Dial Extension for Google Chrome will change your life
  82. 50+ super-effective methods to generate super viral growth for your company. As written by the DoneSmart leader.
  83. The email addresses of 4000+ fresh new tech startups. Produce highly lucrative results by promoting business services to them.
  84. Superhuman business strategy: how to quickly and for a low-cost clone a popular website and brainstorming techniques to develop one or more killer features designed to encourage mass exodus from your competitor's website to your superior website.
  85. How to accurately estimate the potential value of a niche using key online sources of information.
  86. A first highly compelling chapter of thriller genre movie designed to deeply draw audiences in and designed to win an Oscar. Devised by the superhuman, the DoneSmart leader.
  87. The identify of 100+ free SaaS tech services that will save your company money and boost productivity.
  88. The Definitive Twitter Marketing Guide for 2017
  89. A blueprint for a superhuman landing page designed to generate supremely high converstion rates.
  90. The identify of 50+ key areas where companies routinely waste millions as identifed by the DoneSmart leader.
  91. An in-depth guide to a superhuman mass-mailing methodology devised by the DoneSmart leader including where to aquire and/or compile email lists, how to mass mail at a super low cost, and superhuman copywriting advice.
  92. An in-depth guide to superhuman legal utilization of industrial espionage and corporate spies including how to recruit spies especially ones in high executive and engineering, R&D positions and how to ensure their loyalty, the key most lucrative intelligence you should acquire and tips on how can help your spies gain maximum inside knowledge and privileges. Includes counter tactics to foil spies in your own firm and supply them with misinformation and/or convert them to double-agents. Devised and written by the DoneSmart leader.
  93. 60+ superhuman negotiation and diplomacy tactics designed to secure lucrative, powerful, and highly advantageous win-win business and political deals. Tactics devised by the DoneSmart leader.
  94. 40+ superhuman and highly effective methods to promote your website's forum
  95. A superhuman comprehensive methodology for ultra-efficient and extremely fast web develoment
  96. Guidelines, superhuman strategy and tactics to winning a local election
  97. A list of highly effective superhuman techniques to political career survival after being implicated in a serious scandal
  98. A list of proposed policies (none involve extra taxation), government investment strategies and money saving strategies (that will not reduce public services) that when all combined will raise the British government approximately an extra 1.5 trillion GBP a year
  99. A list of superhuman training techniques designed to help you become a world class premier league football player
  100. 80+ effective methods and protocols to vastly increase internal government security including how to prevent data leaks, how to effectively identify spies, informants and corrupt employees, how to improve physical security of government buildings and a list methods to improve security of sensitive internal government communications
  101. 30+ superhuman tactics and policies for ultra stimulation of any government's economic growth potentially adding multi-trillions of USD to GDP in the case of the United States and significant gains can equally be expected in other countries
  102. 40+ superhuman techniques designed to radically increase the productivity of civil servants boosting output and quality of services and potentially allowing for a safe downsizing of employees
  103. 50+ superhuman tactics designed dramatically improve political effectiveness of party political broadcasts
  104. An article exclusively written for Amazon: a detailed outline of strategies and tactics Amazon can utilize to boost their quarterly profits by several billion dollars
  105. An article exclusively written for ProductHunt: a detailed outline of monetization methods ProductHunt can utilize to earn billions of dollars
  106. An article exclusively written for Facebook: a detailed outline of monetization methods Facebook can utilize to earn billions of extra dollars a quarter
  107. An article exclusively written for Twitter: a detailed outline of monetization methods Twitter can utilize to earn billions of extra dollars a quarter
  108. An article exclusively written for Ebay: a detailed outline of monetization methods and new business models Ebay can utilize to earn billions of extra dollars a quarter

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