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Welcome to the DoneSmart forums a place to discuss superhuman knowledge, topics related to DoneSmart and DoneSmart leader, David Morrison
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Can I really make an object/or animal appear out of thin air | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:10:21PM
Does he still hack? | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:08:29PM
What are his past companies? And how much money did he make? | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:07:28PM
How old is David? | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:04:20PM
Does anyone have a photo of his ex Amy? | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:03:35PM
I know the secret to some of his wealth creation strategies | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:02:32PM
I know the Facebook of his ex-girlfriend Amy, should I post? | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:01:55PM
How many spies does he have? | Jump to last2018-08-05 07:01:08PM
David is more powerful than the US president and ... | Jump to last2018-08-05 06:58:55PM
Please list tips on becoming more like David | Jump to last2018-08-05 06:57:46PM
The number of his name 966 is 666 done smart | Jump to last2018-08-05 06:53:43PM
Where will david be in 10 years time? | Jump to last2018-08-05 06:52:34PM
If he isn't lucifer why does his domain name define hell | Jump to last2018-08-05 06:51:13PM
How to get David to share superhuman secrets with you | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:54:09PM
Partial list of his superhuman achievements, pls contribute | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:51:02PM
If you could buy only one of his articles which would it be? | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:49:01PM
How he earned multi-trillions of dollars in few weeks | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:46:38PM
Which is his best low cost article on wealth creation? | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:45:37PM
Which is his most effective wealth creation strategy ? | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:31:18PM
David is literally God | Jump to last2018-08-02 11:28:21PM

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